10 Little Things You Can Do For Your Neighbors

Dated: 08/26/2014

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Gone are the days when neighbors knew each other well, had massive block parties, and were an inclusive community. Nowdays most people don't even know their neighbors names, let alone their kids or jobs. So in this modern age, allow me to suggest 15 things to help brighten your neighborhoods.

1. Take care of your yard. This includes random stuff in the lawn, keeping your garden in check, cleaning after your crab apple tree, and occasionally cutting the grass.
2. Keep your house painted and in good condition. Peeling and unkempt houses have a frustrating habit of lowering the value of your neighbors homes.
3. Avoid ridiculously tacky mail boxes. because, really, they may  be cute but the miniature replica of your husband's childhood home kinda has no point.
4. Keep get-togethers relatively small, both for noise and parking sake.
5. Give holiday gifts to your neighbors- even if it's something silly like Rudolph glasses or a fruit cake.
6. I guess this isn't really 'a little thing' but organize an after school activity for the kids in the same age group. you can do something easy at your house -a coloring contest or a riveting game of Red Rover Red Rover.
7. Keep your children and dogs from terrorizing the area- clean up the poop, replant pulled flowers, respect the boundaries of other people's property.
8. Once or twice a winter, get the snow off the pavement for the older folks in your neighborhood
9. Have an Apple Picking Open House- or whatever terrorizing fruit tree you have. Everyone loves fresh fruit and produce!
10. Don't go totally overboard on your house decorating. When your house is singing and dancing and has projections and a moving train and all that, your neighbors probably hate you for both the increase in traffic and the decrease of quiet.
Happy Fall!
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