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10 Color Schemes Sure To Catch The Eye

Dated: 04/27/2014

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I love color in any house, but these ten looks are sure to inspire buyers and sellers alike! Color is actually quite important to your overall happiness, and painting your house in colors that make you happy and serene are important. Here's a psychology break down of what colors do and examples of where they're used: 

So fascinating
Without further ado, some great tones! 
This is the perfect color scheme for my home From Jade Green-Derders Reminds me of home too AFS
I just want to call this the Prairie View Palette. Look no further for your Mountain View home! 
Arctic Tones Challenge Visit our blog to see what we made  photo courtesy design-seedscom
Arctic by Design Seeds offers soft, cool colors to backdrop your home, particularly nice for a modern mountain home. 
Sea scheme for the guest bath
For sea-side-memories look no further than this lovely scheme.
desert palette
Desert Depths, I would love to see this implemented with rough hardwood floors and homespun blue rugs, deep soft cushions and a bright orange accent wall. 
The last Style Blog was based on this color scheme. I just love it, you can pull in these colors and create a warm happy home. 
Master bedroom colors bed headboard - beige quilt - various shades of blue and white accent wall - light blue accent colors pillows etc - slate
We're lucky enough to live in one of the best places ever to see a true blue sky, why not paint your home the same colors for grey days? 
Color scheme for living room by thelma
A safe scheme, and probably a good choice for sellers, but it's still quite nice. I think a few tasteful gold accents( like a royal blue and gold striped drape) would go nicely with this too. 
awsome color scheme leaning towards this lighter peach for the walls darker for accent pieces
Peachy keen! I think this would be particularly nice for a kitchen.
This color scheme is a lot of my main floor  Red accents taupetan walls green in the kitchen maybe chocolate brown dyed slipcover sofa and chairs  It would be fun to add a bit of that gray color in as well
another safe bet for the seller, the grey or gold color would be great for walls, with the rest for accents.
color peel - Im feeling the orange lately but Id go chocolate brown instead of that dark grey Pushing Halloween territory
For a dining room in particular, I think this would be great. imagine the family around the table at Thanksgiving!

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