Getting Out Of Limbo

Dated: 01/21/2019

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Fearing that you'll go your life without achieving your dreams is natural. But sometimes the fear takes too big of a hold on your actions. It's paralyzing.

Instead of letting this take over, discover how you’re preventing yourself from getting to that place, and take action to get out of the rut. Sometimes it helps to just take a step back to reflect.

We all have trouble with purpose and direction. I see social media posts daily about the depression and anxiety people are going through in their lives and how it prevents them from real progress. This takes some real soul searching. You have to come face to face with real mental problems that are holding you back.

We all have mental obstacles in the way of our own improvement. It’s a matter of discovering why those obstacles are there and the actions that need to be taken in order to remove them. I'm not saying this is easy. Admitting there is a problem is tough enough as it is. Seeking help for that problem is pretty far out there for most people. But it may be necessary.

Look inward. Find a way of life that allows you to get everything you need in order to function properly.

Next, you have to teach yourself to find real, tangible value in the goals that you set for yourself. Check yourself regularly to be sure that you’re making real progress and not just creating the feeling of productivity. Find a group of friends who understand the changes you need to make. They will help you and do their best not to stand in the way.

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