6 Smart Ways To Organize Your Home

Dated: 05/27/2016

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6 Smart Ways to Maximize Space in Your Home

I fell in love with a collector. I wish, sometimes, that his collecting habits were limited to like 1-2 things since I also collect lots of things, but alas this is where we are at. We collect books(For me, books of all kinds ,for him all manner of books but also including  graphic novels and comic books which require special care and storage) Porcelain dolls (me- I prefer the ones made before about 1920 so they have a lot of individual artistic flare) Hero-Clix, Cosplayers pieces including life size Green, Orange, and Blue Lanterns, collectibles, statues, crafting supplies, and, especially with me, clothes. Our house is a testament to opposites attract. With all this stuff, I often feel totally overwhelmed with organizing, displaying, and maintaining a home. This week for the blog, I’ve been thinking about ways I want to reorganize my home this summer, along with ways I want to organize my home when we FINALLY GET OUT OF AN APARTMENT( I’m only kinda looking forward to it.).

Here, I’ve compiled some of my favorite ideas- I hope you get inspired to display your unique self in your home, as well as come up with some ways to fight the mess monster that at least in our house is always causing trouble somewhere!

Hallway Bookshelf

This just seems like such a smart idea. I mentioned before about our books- at a glance we have 5 book shelves in our living room, plus 2 in the bedroom. It’s a little insane- and yes, we do read on Kindle as well! I think this would seriously help on storage and organization, not to mention helps use otherwise wasted space. You could either do this with an IKEA type kit or build it yourself!

A Built- In Under the Stairs.

You don’t have to be Harry Potter to use the space under your stairs! Most stairs have space between the studs that you can open up and create a nook, built in book shelf, or even a guest bed (with a set of curtains or shutters for privacy!)

A Play Place Above the Closet

When I was a teenager, I had this kind of closet that had lots of storage space on top but I couldn’t climb up on it because it wasn’t reinforced. I’ve looked into it a bit and you absolutely can reinforce them though, so you could put a whole extra space up in a little loft, either for little ones- how fun would it be to have a little TV up there for movie nights?!- or as a little art studio for yourself? Make sure you reinforce the space so you don’t fall through the ceiling!

Built In Washer and Dryer

I can think of approx. a million reasons for why this would be helpful, but to start with- no more laundry falling behind the machines, you have a folding counter right on top- cabinets that can hold all the laundry soap, bleach, dryer sheets, etc. plus, it looks like these guys are on rollers so if there was ever a problem you could just pull them out and fix them. I’ve also seen versions of these where there is sliding out ironing board that lives above the machines.

A Slide Out Spice Rack

This takes up about 6 inches of space and is the space of your fridge. This is GENIUS. Sure, you could have a spice rack, but that’s taking up space you could devote to a knife block, lazy susan, or a plethora of other handy dandy kitchen devices. I also like that at 6 inches wide, it can probably hold most of your smaller canned goods, meaning you’re seriously opening yourself up to have fresh potatoes, onions, etc in your cabinets- or you could start fermenting stuff in the cupboard since you won’t need to open them up every single day! WOOOHOOOO!!  

Over the Door Storage

Personally, I really dislike the way those over the door hook things look, but this kind of over the door storage I’m all about. It’s a great way to store those things that you want in the bathroom but maybe don’t want taking up valuable space- or at least in my case, don’t want your cats to sleep on for days( seriously every day I come home to find my cats have dragged a towel off the rack and are asleep on them)  This is so cute, affordable and helps to keep the neatness that I want in a bathroom!


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